Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lethal Aggression

Lethal Aggression - From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore - 1985/1991
Lethal Aggression - Just Killed Rock N Roll - 1987
Lethal Aggression - Life Is Hard...But That's No Excuse At All! - 1988
Lethal Aggression - Life Is Hard...But That's No Excuse At All! - 1988/1990
Lethal Aggression - Subliminal Erosion - 1990
Lethal Aggression - Ad Nauseum - 2009
01. Lethal Aggression - From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore, 1985/1991 CD Album Compilation
     Relapse Records - RR 6484-2
     Reissue from 2001 - Demo 1985 + Godservation (Unreleased LP) 1991
02. Lethal Aggression - Just Killed Rock N Roll, 1987 Vinyl 7"
     Premature Entombment Productions - Tomb 2
03. Lethal Aggression - Life Is Hard...But That's No Excuse At All!, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Funhouse Records - FH 12-006
04. Lethal Aggression - Life Is Hard...But That's No Excuse At All!, 1988/1990 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     Xtreem Music - XM 045 CD
     Reissue from 2007 - includes Circle Pit Of Life + Subliminal Erosion +Just Killed Rock'n Roll + live tracks
05. Lethal Aggression - Subliminal Erosion, 1990 Vinyl 7"
     Virulence, Pissed Off Productions - VIR 003, none
06. Lethal Aggression - Ad Nauseum, 2009 CD Album
     Horror Pain Gore Death Productions - HGPD 009
Concretion of the flabberthrashing! In the eternal realm of crossover & speedcore, L.A. were kings of the size of Attitude Adjustment and Wehrmacht. The Subliminal Erosion EP is one of the zerrest pieces of thrash released in this dimension, brilliant to the core! And the reunion album was a killer comeback, including a live sets featuring a B.G.K. cover. All gold! Are they still around? Thrash til rezer forever aggressionizer!
Chambéry 1989!
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!ZER Lethal Aggression ZER!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Curious George

Curious George - Children Of A Common Mother - 1989 01. Curious George - Children Of A Common Mother, 1989 Vinyl LP
     Nemesis Records - PICK 2
First class punk rocking punk rock! Dickies | Zero Boys fans are already salivating. Curious George deliver the plain, chorus heavy, party punk thing that we like to use and abuse. Great performance, memorable songs, nice recording - very well done. You can live without it, but you shouldn't! Punk til the rezer! It's the 80s all over again.
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!ZER Curious George ZER!

Be sure to check out the new movie by a friend of mine:

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Speaking of movies, these ones are pretty good if you're in for a farce:
In Order of Disappearance
Schneider vs. Bax

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Fleurety - Min Tid Skal Komme - 1995
Fleurety - Last-Minute Lies - 1999
Fleurety - Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs - 2000
Fleurety - Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis - 2009
Fleurety - Evoco Bestias - 2011
Fleurety - Et Spiritus Meus Semper Sub Sanguinantibus Stellis Habitabit - 2013
01. Fleurety - Min Tid Skal Komme, 1995 CD Album
     Misanthropy Records, Aesthetic Death Records - AMAZON 005, ADCD 002
02. Fleurety - Last-Minute Lies, 1999 CD EP
     Supernal Music - Ferly 003 mcd
03. Fleurety - Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs, 2000 CD Album
     Supernal Music - Ferly004CD
04. Fleurety - Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis, 2009 Vinyl 7" Limited Edition
     Aesthetic Death Records - ADEP 002
05. Fleurety - Evoco Bestias, 2011 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM Limited Edition EP
     Aesthetic Death Records - ADEP 003
06. Fleurety - Et Spiritus Meus Semper Sub Sanguinantibus Stellis Habitabit, 2013 Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM Limited Edition
     Aesthetic Death Records - ADEP 004
Strange blackness and first grade weirdness! Nowegian black metal? Not always. Two of these releases are devoid of any metal. All of these releases are completely awesome. Fleurety fly at altitudes so high that the concept of altitude is not relevant anymore! Death agonies and screams! Screaaaaams! Absolute triplafleuretizer forever!
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!ZER Fleurety ZER!
For this black metal occasion, I am wearing the most black metal shirt I have:


Thursday, June 16, 2016


Quicksand - Quicksand - 1990
Quicksand - Slip - 1993
Quicksand - Manic Compression - 1995
Quicksand - Demos 1998 - 1998
01. Quicksand - Quicksand, 1990 CD EP
     Revelation Records - Revelation 18
02. Quicksand - Slip, 1993 CD Album
     Polydor - 517 685-2
03. Quicksand - Manic Compression, 1995 CD Album
     Island Records - 526 564-2
04. Quicksand - Demos 1998, 1998
From the NYHC scene percolated several world-class gems like Into Another, Life Of Agony and Quicksand : heavy, catchy, groovy, zer. Then the NYHC is forgiven for Bold. While most were metalizing their sound, Quicksand recycled Gorilla Biscuit personnel into a superb Fugazi-inspired rock machine that is sticky, greasy and warm. They should have been much bigger, but what do I know, the universe is cruel. Or stupid. Slip is contemporary to Metallica's nadir, there was room for good stuff. The unreleased 1998 recordings are mp3s borrowed from I Hate The 90s (thanks, killer blog). This material is less exciting than the previous releases, but still worth the time. Now do not bypass the magnificence of the first three and rock until you drop!
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!ZER Quicksand ZER!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Assassin - The Upcoming Terror - 1986
Assassin - The Upcoming Terror - 1986
Assassin - Interstellar Experience - 1988
Assassin - Interstellar Experience - 1988
Assassin - The Assassin... Live Forever - 2003
Assassin - The Club - 2005
Assassin - Breaking The Silence - 2011
Assassin - Combat Cathedral - 2016
01. Assassin - The Upcoming Terror, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Steamhammer - SHLP 7001
02. Assassin - The Upcoming Terror, 1986 CD Album Reissue
     Axe Killer Records - 3036562
     Reissue from 1998
03. Assassin - Interstellar Experience, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Steamhammer - 08-7519
04. Assassin - Interstellar Experience, 1988 CD Album Limited Edition Reissue
     Axe Killer Records - 3034832
     Reissue from 1998
05. Assassin - The Assassin... Live Forever, 2003 CD Unofficial Release
     Not On Label - none
    live 1987
06. Assassin - The Club, 2005 CD Album
     Not On Label - CD001-05
07. Assassin - Breaking The Silence, 2011 CD Album
     Steamhammer - SPV 308922 CD
08. Assassin - Combat Cathedral, 2016 CD Album
     SPV GmbH - SPV 269422 CD
Teutonic thrash attack! The second album Interstellar Experience has been a permanent member of the EZTT, Classic Thrash division, since its appearance. It offers high velocity intense combustion with a beerless Tankard vibe at the speed of Sodom with a touch of mid-era Living Death. Total classic, just like its predecessor which had that early Artillery dimension. The reformation albums are good and great, The Club is average but has a killer Thin Lizzy cover, Breaking The Silence is more menacing and heavier and includes an awesome cover of Outo's I Like Cola, and the brand new release is still heavier, yet a little more generic (new vocalist, straight forward modern Exodus-type aggression). Assassin forever thrashosaurus extrazer!
I had planned another post for today, but since our chief mafia boss Justin fucking Trudeau decided to let a man die at the hands of criminal subhumans, it seems appropriate to congratulate him the Assassin Of The Day award, hence the Assassin soundtrack. Pay taxes for your whole life and then, when you need them to help for your life, let the State have you nonchalantly decapitated. Justin, you are just a fucking murderer, a little blob of miasma in a barf bag, a shining leech and a smiling fucking traitor. You are the perfect prototype of putrid scum that has plagued humanity forever. Fuck you with a maple tree and twelve porcupines. Je te chie dans la bouche Justin. Fais AAAAAAAAH.
Now to all these little terrorist shits who go around decapitating people: go after the real deal, grow some balls and get some politicians. That's what they're here for, you fucking shits. You colostomy vermin coward portable toilets. Come and get Justin, then leave us alone and fuck you all with passion. I had some great apples today, let me shit into your mouths too. Say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
Fuck politics, fuck religion, fuck the lot of you!
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!ZER Assassin ZER!

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Goatsnake - Goatsnake I - 1999
Goatsnake - Dog Days - 2000
Goatsnake - Flower Of Disease - 2000
Burning Witch, Goatsnake - Goatsnake / Burning Witch - 2000
Goatsnake - Trampled Under Hoof - 2004
Goatsnake - Black Age Blues - 2015
01. Goatsnake - Goatsnake I, 1999 CD Album
     Man's Ruin Records - MR174CD
02. Goatsnake - Dog Days, 2000 CD EP
     Southern Lord - SUNN5
03. Goatsnake - Flower Of Disease, 2000 CD Album
     Man's Ruin Records - MR 139
04. Burning Witch, Goatsnake - Goatsnake / Burning Witch, 2000 CD Mini-Album
     Hydra Head Records - HH666-045 , Compilation
     Contains 4 songs by: Burning Witch, Goatsnake
05. Goatsnake - Trampled Under Hoof, 2004 CD EP
     Southern Lord - SUNN33
06. Goatsnake - Black Age Blues, 2015 CD Album
     Southern Lord, Southern Lord - LORD 210, LORD210
Goatsnake is what happens when the universe works up the convergence of the post-Sabbath dynasty (St-Vitus, Count Raven, Pentagram...) with the vocal master from Scream (yes, Peter Stahl). Goatsnake deliver the heavy and the hypnotic. This is greatly addictive doom of the stoner branch carried by invincible streams of groove. And that voice! If one needs a pick up order, Flower Of Disease stands out, Black Age Blues comes up very close, and the rest is just a nanometer away. Absolutely first class and top of the barrel! Most classic rocking heavyweight doomonizer!
And yes, Burning Witch soon.
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!ZER Goatsnake ZER!

Friday, June 10, 2016

State Of Confusion

State Of Confusion - A Street - 1988 01. State Of Confusion - A Street, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Subcore Records - 88561-8231-1
Confusion in the abrasion! Raw and energetic hardcore punk of typical US 80s manufacturing that happily resonates in the head of the fans of State (the band, not the mafia), Christ On A Crutch, Life Sentence and numerous other ancient purveyors of this sound. The good old times never fail to satisfy, says the ghost of nostalgia. Catchy, fast and triplarezer!
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!ZER State Of Confusion ZER!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Besieged - Visions Of Pain - 2005
Besieged - Besieged - 2015
01. Besieged - Visions Of Pain, 2005 CD Album Unofficial Release
     Dichotic Records - none
02. Besieged - Besieged, 2015 Vinyl 7"
     War On Music, Unspeakable Axe Records - WOM070, UAR013 (o.z.)
Visions Of Pain in mp3 including the Sepultura cover.
Vitamin complement to yesterday's post: massive thanks funneled in the general direction of the kind readers who are providing us today with these two other Besieged releases. The first Visions Of Pain link does not feature the Sepultura cover.
Now bang your head in full Sepultura mode!
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!ZER Besieged ZER!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Besieged - Victims Beyond All Help

Besieged - Victims Beyond All Help - 2013 01. Besieged - Victims Beyond All Help, 2013 CD Album Reissue
     Unspeakable Axe Records, Dark Descent Records - UAR002, UAR002
Yesterday was the International Day Of Slayer, did you listen to Slayer a lot? Yes? Good. If not, here is something better (than Repentless) - the ultimate thrash attack, the thrashdozer to end all thrash, the final thrashing obliterizer: fucking Besieged! This album detonates your skull with mincing riffing and merciless pounding and lethal screaming and general carbonisation, defenestration and meat contraction from the finest students of Slayer, Sacred Reich, Sodom, Sepultura and even others that do not start with an 'S'. An absolute mandatory stop for any serious thrasher! Evil, heavy and fast as a zer! Another very best Canadian metal album of the decade!
This post is also a cry for help: their first album is not available anywhere, pleeease let me know if you would like to sell your copy, or upload a FLAC rip... Cheers!
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!ZER Besieged ZER!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Death With A Dagger

Death With A Dagger - Dark Alleys - 2009
Speedtrap, Death With A Dagger - Death With A Dagger / Speedtrap - 2010
Death With A Dagger - On The Edge Of The Unknown - 2011
01. Death With A Dagger - Dark Alleys, 2009 CD Album
     Deaf Forever - DF-009
02. Speedtrap, Death With A Dagger - Death With A Dagger / Speedtrap, 2010 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM
     High Roller Records - HRR113 , Compilation
     Contains 7 songs by: Speedtrap, Death With A Dagger
03. Death With A Dagger - On The Edge Of The Unknown, 2011 CD
     Deaf Forever - DF-010
Punk metal day! Death With A Dagger are the Finnish hybrid of old Amebix, Tank and some other things with these typical Finnish HC vocals. First class energetic headbanging! Speedtrap are also extremely worthy of notice with their high-intensity hard rocking speed metal (more from them later). Killer super rocking punk metalizer triplagasm!!
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!ZER Speedtrap, Death With A Dagger ZER!

Friday, June 3, 2016


Swiz - Swiz - 1988
Swiz - Rejects - 1993
01. Swiz - Swiz, 1988 Vinyl Album LP
     Sammich Records - SR04
02. Swiz - Rejects, 1993 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM
     THD Records - THD-1
NRAR. If you missed the CDs, here is your chance to grab the super classic records of this underrated milestone in hardcore history. Along Bl'ast! and Mindwar releases, the LP forever sits at the round table of HC EZTT. Almost 30 years old and still as abrasive and first class as day one! Absolutely marvelous vertebra damage of zeristic magnitude!
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!ZER Swiz ZER!


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